About RPDE

Accelerating capability change for the ADF war-fighter

RPDE projects are funded by Defence and staffed by personnel from industry and academia who are paid from the project budget. Each project activity has a Defence sponsor.


RPDE conducts two main types of activities: Quicklooks and Tasks.

  • A Quicklook delivers guidance, advice and input on a Defence issue by rapidly bringing together experts from industry and academia. A Quicklook delivers a report in an agreed timeframe, usually less than three months.
  • A Task delivers a prototyped solution, which may be a report, a proof of concept, or a physical prototype (limited to Technical Readiness Level 6). Tasks focus on identifying, understanding and facilitating change and may involve the introduction of a new organisations, concepts and/or technologies. The Task report considers all Fundamental Inputs to Capability elements, and may be focused beyond technology or equipment. Tasks normally take 12-18 months to complete.


RPDE is governed by a Board of Participant representatives chaired by First Assistant Secretary Defence Industry Policy Division, Department of Defence. Project activities are overseen by a One Star Steering Group chaired by the Assistant Secretary Defence Innovation & Capability.

RPDE and the Defence Innovation Hub

As of December 2016, the functions and funding of the RPDE and its future models will come under the strategic guidance of the Defence Innovation Hub.

The Defence Innovation Hub is accessible through the Centre for Defence Industry Capability website at: or by calling on 13 28 46.