On-brand website copywriting is important to appeal to your target audience and to enhance SEO rankings. Making the right impact on your audience will help you drive more conversions, which is one of the biggest reasons you want to push up your SEO rankings in the first place. On-brand copywriting helps to create a clear identity and gives a face to your business by helping you build a connection with your prospects. Here are some ways to develop on-brand website and social media copywriting for better SEO results:

Establish The Value Proposition You Bring To Your Clients

In order to write on-brand website and social media copy, you need to identify your unique value proposition – the thing that makes you stand out from your competition. Even if you are in an industry with several other players, you need to find something that can set you apart. Here are some examples to help you get thinking:

  • Your products are organically grown and locally sourced from small farmers in your area.
  • You have decades of experience in servicing clients with expertise across the board.
  • You only use high-quality raw materials to ensure final output.
  • Your products meet all ethical and environmentally friendly standards.

Many times, your target audience may not be looking for the cheapest offering – they want more. Establishing your value proposition will help you attract the right audience, while giving you the opportunity to hone in on your brand’s messaging.

Identify And Harness Your Brand’s Key Message

Identifying your brand’s message is the first step towards building a legion of loyal customers online. Even if you have identified your target audience, do you know what message will make the most impact on them? Consider the following:

  • A brand’s message must be on-point and well directed – take care to avoid generic jargon that fails to capture the essence of your business.
  • Be clear about what you have to offer so browsers have a solid idea of your offering and how it benefits them – they will only turn into customers if they feel a connection to your business.
  • Establish what you’re looking to achieve with a clear direction whether it is a sale, a follower or anything else.

Once you identify your brand’s key message, you must ensure consistent communication to better harness it throughout your website and social media copy.

Keep Testing Your Copy

One of the most important things when it comes to writing on-brand web and social copy is to test it to ensure you’re actually reaching and making an impact with your target audience. A/B testing is a good way to establish what copy performs best with two or more versions. If something isn’t working, you can vary your copy. Some variations you can make include:

  • Titles of pages and posts
  • Length and type of content
  • Design and structure of content
  • Language used in content

When testing your copy, consider making identifiable changes so you can pinpoint what makes content work better or not. Trying out different copy styles will help you better understand what works and what doesn’t with your target audience.

Establish How You Can Solve Problems Faced By Your Target Audience

One of the best ways to stay on brand with your copy is to establish and help solve problems faced by your target audience. This helps you delve deeper into what your clients really need when it comes to your business. Consider the following to help you better understand problems your target audience may face:

  • If you sell phones, the real problem isn’t the sale itself. Your customer may not be able to work without a phone, so providing them with one at a cost-effective price helps to solve the problem.
  • If you run a catering business, the problem isn’t that your customer needs to eat. The real problem may be the fact that customers are busy at work and need a helping hand.
  • If you run a private taxi service for women, the problem isn’t that women need transportation. They perhaps may feel safer with some security features like GPS tracking, and emergency apps that you can offer.

Recognising and solving these problems could help drive more business through your doors. Make a list of common concerns related to your business and find ways to make life easier for customers.

On-brand copy needs to incorporate all these elements to help prospects convert into customers for your business.