Edward lawyers are specialist in the family law who give more importance to the outcomes of the performance by the team. This is the same reason why unlike the other family lawyers Sydney the team goes above and beyond the limits. In fact all the areas of family law are covered by the team which makes them very particular in handling the cases. Because they knee then individual difference sofa each case which enables them to give individual care to each client and their respective case. The team handles all the normal cases handle by the top family lawyer Sydney however the way how the cases are handled in where the difference lies. Frances Edwards is the principal lawyer in the team who is very highly qualified and experienced in the family law. The specialization of francs are in separation, divorce, settlement of property, consent orders, agreements of financial settlements, de facto relationship agreements and many mire.


The senior associate of the team is Michael Maloney who is also specialized in many areas of the family law and also has the experience of working with the various teams of divorce lawyers Sydney. Arcane potter is the next associate lawyer in the team who is practicing since 2014 and is a young lawyer with significant experience in the parenting matters. It includes the relocation, recovery orders, domestic violence matters and settlement of properties. There are assistants for the paralegal activities of the firm which is not so commonly given to the clients by other teams in the city.

The approach of the team to the divorce and separation makes them very different from the other separation deviates signee. Thus the service of the team starts by making the client aware of the legal provisions related to divorce and separation. In fact the one and only necessity for getting the divorce is the breakdown of marriage in an irretrievable in nature. Thus the parties which are separated for a minimum period of 12 months are only legible to get the divorce. But the law also gives importance to the situations in which the parties lives under Sam roof but not as spouses anymore.

Thus the team is fully fledged with the experienced marriage abrogation solicitors Sydney who are well versed with all the process of divorce. The team prepares the client for all the stages which starts from the application for divorce. All the hearing is appeared by the advocates of the team on behalf of the clients. It is very important to be noted that the service of the team is offered at all the stages of getting the divorce van after the granting of divorce as a friend in a stressful situation.

The Edwards family lawyers is a group of famous family lawyers Sydney who have many advantages over the teams like making the clients aware of the legal provisos relate dot divorce and separation before preparing them for the trail. The team also focuses on the particularities of each case.